Fedex Real Time Quotes

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This package is an update to the previously released package called "Federal Express Real Time Quotes (MS1)". Turns out it was not a good naming choice as now I am opening a new contribution as it would be confusing to add this to the MS1 named contribution. Anyway, this version 2.0 of the Fedex module works with MS2, and MS1, and probably earlier releases. So, you should always use this version over the previously released version. Do turn off in the shipping modules section of OSC Admin the existing Fedex module if you have one before installing this module. This module uses a Federal Express API to acquire your shipping rates in real time from Fedex based on your accounts discounts! It works from origins in Canada and the US, other origins have not been tested. All Fedex rates are quoted, including ground. Please follow the instructions very carefully, and please note you will need a Fedex account, and secure cURL on your web server. Since this module uses a supported Fedex method of quoting, it is not anticipated that Fedex changes will impact this module, though of course OSC changes can. New features include some bug fixes, support for MS2, ability to run cURL outside of PHP, debug option, Fedex error messages displayed instead of canned error message, parms moved to OSC Admin, timeout capability, MUCH easier install, KGS as a weight option, envelope package rating, sorting rates low to high or high to low, transit time for ground shipment, and probably some others I forgot.