Add Products Multi for 2.3.1 v1.0 This is an update from the 6 Jul 2009 Add Multiple Products with plus/minus buttons to 2.3.1. This does not add product with attributes, hope someone will help make the attributes working as the original from 2003 dos. Thanks to Jim "user kymation" for his grate help getting it working for 2.3.1. For discussion, update and problems etc. for this contribution use this thread original from,1129 Products Multi v1.2 with Plus Minus javascript fonction (July 2009) -------------------------------- Overview -------- This contribution provide another replacement for the standard product listing module. It allows the customer to submit multiple products, with multiple quantities per product. It will give you input field for every item with plus/minus button Thanks ------ Thanks to Ian C Wilson - original mod and creator of Add Multi Item Thanks to Chad Singer - fix for adding only quantities above 0 Thanks to - make the product_listing_multi.php look like the standard product_listing.php Thanks to Pektsekye - Help solving javascript problems.