A small script to increase/decrease price by x%. 1. For all the products in the store Provide a text box and increase/ decrease option. 2. For all the products in a particular category You need to present a drop down menu of categories, a text box and increase/decrease option in the admin panel. Admin will select the category from the drop down box and type percentage increase/decrese . Then the whole category product prices should change automatically. 1. Upload prices_per.php to admin/ dir 2. Modify admin/includes/boxes/tools.php After: tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_WHOS_ONLINE, BOX_TOOLS_WHOS_ONLINE) Add: .'<a href="' . tep_href_link('prices_per.php') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">Modify prices</a>' That's it! Regards, http://www.PinkCrow.net