Too Many Split Page Results

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

I had an error on my site where a particular portion that made use of the "splitPageResults" class was indicating far more results/result pages than there actually were. The "splitPageResults" class checks the query that is passed to it for the existance of certain keywords ("from", "group by", "having", "order by", and "distinct"). It uses it's findings to build a new query designed to simply count the results of the original query. However, it was only checking for the existance of these keywords in lowercase. This modification allows for the safe use of upper case sql keywords in queries that are filtered through the "splitPageResults" class. This is accomplished by creating an additional variable in the class to store the query in forced lower case (ie: strtolower($query) ). Then that variable is used as the one to check against for the existence of the sql keywords. Please be sure to backup any files you are going to modify and read the attached installation instructions.