Alternative Administration System is an addon for the oscommerce cms. With A.A.S. you can easily navigate through categories and find, EDIT products data, attributes e.t.c. via ajax. Works also with previous versions Super Easy Installation Watch demo: For requests - bugs - support at the forum: Information - screenshots in the website: Some features: Multiple prices edit (Net and/or Gross) Multiple product status change Export products into csv, json, text or excel file Deletion of multiple products Add extra custom fields easily such as cost Multilingual product's editing description method. Temp list where you can "save" products from different categories so you can use other functionalities to them such as copy attributes Copy-Move-Link products Copy-delete attributes from a product to selected products or to products the are under a category and/or subcategories Product's changes file import Attributes Manager. Amazing Online Users Viewer (via charts => highCharts), + online users per country. Events Calendar, keeping - adding events, notes Worldwide Clocks Specials Manager, yes you read it right. Now you can easily edit-add specials products! All Edit method. You can edit all values easily without clicking in every cell. and much more... Its absolutely free, although it shouldnt because I have spent lots of my free time to develop it. So if you like this addon, please consider making a donation. Copy the link the below into your browser address bar Thank you for using my addon.