Product Extra Fields

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is my attempt at extending the product information that can be applied. I run an Anime store, so I needed fields like "Region", "Author", etc. I could only find instructions on how to manually enter new fields, but this is a bit tedious for the average store owner. This contribution allows people to add fields labeled the way they want, and then display them in the product page of the catalog. I've grabbed enough contributions, so i figured I owe the community this one. After this is added you can access the Product Extra Fields form in the Catalog section of the Admin area. Capabilities: - Add | Update | Remove custom fields in the database - Allow each product to have a unique value for each new field (text field is automatically added to add product page in admin) - Allow extra fields to be turned on and off without deleting them - Allow for the removal of custom fields from the database, plus remove all entries made for products (I mean it! If you remove a custom field, and have added entries for products, you WILL LOSE ALL CUSTOM INFORMATION) - Allow for extra fields to not be displayed when empty