Related Products BS

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Related Products 6 BS Based on: OsC CE Frozen, OsC 2.3.4.(1.) Bootstrap Community Editions GOLD and EDGE PHP 5.3 - 7.2 Update Version 6.0 BS: - Added "Delete Orphans" option to remove empty relations of deleted products - Added shopping cart module - all filenames and database table names hardcoded - Replaced all $HTTP_GET_VARS, $HTTP_POST_VARS with $_GET, $_POST. - admin/optional_related_products.php complete rewritten with optimized sql queries and general code clean up. - database install/update/remove queries integrated in product info module - related products functions integrated in product info module - separate admin/sql_setup_related_products.php removed - separate related products functions file removed - 2.3.4 standard support removed Full Package Update instructions included Screenshots included