I have updated this Add-On to use a prepared statement for those that have upgraded their database functions to MySQLi. This is more secure and should be used over the deprecated MySQL single query function. However, I have updated the code for those that still linger in Limbo (MySQL) so that if MySQLi class is disabled, then the old MySQL functions will be used. I have also updated the code for the limbo'ers so that it use the osCommerce standard functions and more importantly I have updated the code so the input will be sanitized before database input. The old code didn't prepare the input at all, which probably isn't very wise. The response is now displayed as clickable links to the product page. Above this I have added a simple Caching function that saves the results locally in the customers browser, giving a small performance increase. For info on jQuery-UI Autocomplete go to: http://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/