Credit Card Fraud Detection Service - Ma

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This will allow the the owner to query the MaxMind servers to place a risk score (1-10, 1=Good, 10=U Crazy?) with credit card transactions. From MaxMind Site: "Credit card fraud is a growing problem for online merchants. As the merchant, you are liable for fraudulent credit card transactions, as well as chargeback fees. Excessive chargebacks can lead to losing your merchant account and being unable to open another one. MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection tools automatically sift through your online charges to flag potentially fraudulent transactions. The service works by combining MaxMind GeoIP geolocation metrics - identifying the geographic source of the charge - with additional checks for known security risks. MaxMind tools pin down potential fraud and identify associated risk factors, pointing you to the best strategy to verify the flagged transaction and prevent future fraud." Example: This is on your order details page: MAXMIND Score: 2.4 Distance: 1500 Country Match: YES Country Code: US Free Email: NO Anonymous Proxy: NO Bin Match: NA Bin Country: NA Error: Proxy Score: 3 Spam Score: 3 Bin Name: NA Bin Country: NA ISP: COMCAST ISP Org: COMCAST But it looks better than that! View image here: Support thread here: