Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) offers the PX Pay method for processing credit card transactions in realtime via a [DPS] Hosted Payments Page. DPS Website: PX Pay is designed to allow merchants to send transactions to Payment Express® via https posts, which links to a 128-Bit SSL secure payments page at The cardholder is automatically prompted to enter their details and a response is displayed. The result is automatically communicated back to the original site the transaction came from and the order is finalised. PX Pay is platform independent as the host interface handles XML, which can be generated with any language on the client side. The module also features: - Optional additional email logging of all completed transactions with DPS. The email will have the DPS transaction details in it, making it easier to reconcile your osCommerce orders with the DPS Payment Manager - Optional tracing/server logging for troubleshooting (logged to error_log) - Ability to select between Auth or Purchase type of payments - Logo and link to DPS privacy policy for conformance to DPS's requirements (Website Activation Checklist) Requirements: - a DPS PX Pay (or DPS PX Access) account with DPS -