Accessible Image Popup

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

released: 2003-10-22 author: compatible OSC versions: 2.2ms2 only! DESCRIPTION: This will make all links to enlarged images 100% accessible for browsers and search engines. The current code relies on javascript to display an enlarged image, which is accessible in most circumstances but not 100% accessible (for example, a search engine or spider process will probably not catalog the enlarged image and a user will not be able to directly access the URL of the image for bookmarking purposes, copy/pasting purposes, et cetera). The popups will function exactly the same as before. It is a small fix but hopefully by releasing this linking method it will become incorporated into future OSCommerce development. In fact hopefully this will encourage other developers to stop writing inaccessible popups. This code will only be applied to the catalog pages (not admin popups).