Attribute Sets

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Tired of adding each Attribute for each Option Drop Down List? Yeah, me too! This is why I created this contribution. Here is how it works: Create an Attribute Set by clicking "Attribute Sets" in the Catalog are of your osCommerce Administration. Select an Option Name (e.g., Sizes, Colors, Memory, etc...). Then select how many item in the Option Drop Down list you need (e.g. if you list is for Sizes you may need a list size of 3 for Small, Medium, Large). Then you click Ok. The next page you will have three attribute rows that you can set values for, then give this Attribute Set a name. That's it. Now when you edit an existing product or when you create a new product you just select which set you want this product to have. You will have to create your own Options and Option Values, but you will never have to ever use that Product Attribute page again. :-) All this contribution does is insert rows into the products_attributes table, so it is compatiable with your site now. The only thing you'll have to do is when you edit a product, set it to use an Attribute Set, if it needs a drop-down list in the online catalog, otherwise leave it set to "-- none --". Support Thread: I developed this contribution with osCommerce 2.2 MS2. I only use 1 language, English so I don't know how it would work with other languages but I'd be willing to work with someone if they want to improve on this first version to make it multi-language compatiable.