NEW Australia Post Shipping Modules

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

NEW Australia Post Shipping Modules for osCommerce 2.3.x (screen shots included in the package) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUSPOST SHIPPING SERVICES INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE: *International Parcels: Express Courier International Platinum (with and without extra cover) - 2 options Express Courier International Merchandise (with and without extra cover) - 2 options Express Post International (with and without extra cover) - 2 options Registered Post International ($100AUD included cover only) - 1 option *Domestic Parcels: Parcel Post - Standard Service with optional Signature on Delivery (with and without extra cover) - 4 options Express Post - Standard Service with optional Signature on Delivery (with and without extra cover) - 4 options Courier Post - Signature on Delivery included (with and without extra cover) - 2 options (More to come........) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MANY FEATURES (some examples): Multiple options appear for each shipping module - i.e. 1. standard shipping charge WITHOUT Extra Cover 2. shipping charge WITH Extra Cover. (Domestic shipping modules also have options for "signature on delivery", total of 4 options). Display error messages if shipping quotes cannot be obtained when Auspost server is unavailable, with message stating to wait a moment and then try again. Separator lines appear in-between module options when editing in admin for clearer separation of selectable options. Separator lines appear in-between shipping modules in checkout shipping for clearer separation of shipping modules. Sorting in the order of Shipping costs, displayed at checkout shipping, and listed with the lowest at top. Some basic details of each shipping service is provided in admin such as delivery times, max weight and size limits. This is displayed at the top in module info. Australia Post Courier Post will only appear for "Same day delivery" under the correct conditions as follows: 1. dispatch postcode and destination postcode are in the same state and are both within the "Courier Post network". 2. the order placement time is not over the set "cut off time" (set by admin in the module), to give you enough time to lodge the package with Australia Post by 2pm. 3. at least one physical product in the cart has stock to ship now, if not the module is hidden. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOME MODULE OPTIONS: Switch from test to live mode. Switch between module options i.e. select "with extra cover" or "without extra cover" or "both". Switch display Auspost logo on/off. Choose between 2 logos. Insert a processing time and message to display with shipping module (except Australia Post Courier Post). Display Auspost delivery times on/off. Ability to reduce the fixed shipping module maximum weight. (Australia Post Registered Post International module has "Limit number of boxes" instead, because of 2kg limit) Ability to split orders or not, when total cart weight is over shipping module max weight. Ability to "split orders by filling boxes upto the max weight of shipping modules first leaving one smaller box" or "the standard osCommerce of splitting boxes evenly". Ability to hide shipping modules when there are products in the cart whose weight unit is greater than the module's maximum weight and these products can't be split. Australia Post Courier Post: ability to set "cut off time" for accepting orders. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Report problems or leave comments on the forum support thread located at the link below (any feedback is welcome):