Mindsparx Admin

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Mindsparx Admin is a better looking and more user friendly admin area. Oscommerce is without doubts the best ecommerce solution out there but the admin area needs to be pimped, and this is what I have done. I have taken some codes from a few other contributions for functionality: CL_summary_info_v1.1 Chrome menu, Dynamicdrive.com Low stock report To see what it looks like navigate to this url: http://www.mindsparx.se/mindsparx_admin/ Or here http://www.mindsparx.org/mindsparx_admin/ Btw It’s my son guarding the admin area, you can change the picture but if you do he will eat you! And… let’s get that Oscommerce version v 3.0 stable... I hate to see other scripts catching up ;) Cheers!