his Add-On will add a jQuery Dialog with a Shopping Cart inside. You can Add/Remove products and the page will not reload since it make use of jQuery.ajax to update your Cart. The Mini Cart will be loaded when you click the Shopping Cart header, a jQuery Tooltip will be displayed with a short message so someone hopefully will understand how to use it. It's easy to create your own button that will load the Dialog. Just add the ajax_cart_init class to whatever element you want to be used as to initiate the dialog. Features for this Revision: - Support for and tested on osCommerce 2.3.3 - Even though this Add-On is made for osC 2.3.3, it shouldn't be too much work to convert it to older versions. - Tested successfully on Google Chrome, Firefox and IE9 - Compatible with jQuery 2.0.2 - Loads Shopping Cart with Ajax, which means that you can add/remove products without the page refreshing. - Should work on all pages in your shop. - jQuery Tooltip added to advertise the use of this function, if you want another element to load the Dialog then add the ajax_cart_init class. - Tested successfully with MySQLi - A little blue packman will be displayed while loading the Cart ;=P - Screenshot Added Support: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/394472-jqueryajax-mini-cart-for-oscommerce-233/