E.U. VAT Intracom Number

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

European Union VAT INTRACOM Number V3.3 - JeanLuc - Under GPL Update for MS2: February, 5th 2004 ## This 3.3 version fixes some bugs appeared in previous version. New separated VAT number menu in the admin configuration menu. New checking function of the VAT number with the europa.eu.int server (enable/disable in the admin menu). Bugs fixed for checking input in catalog/admin/customers.php Modification of function managing the display of addresses (tep_address_format) has been integrated with this new version of VAT_INTRACOM. ATTENTION !!!: VAT_INTRACOM field is placed when you enter data in company's field (ACCOUNT_COMPANY == true) to be set in admin/Configuration/customers details/company The figure of the VAT number (10 minimum) can be set in: admin/Configuration/VAT_INTRACOM/VAT Intracom minimum VAT INTRACOM number of your shop has to be filled in admin/Configuration/VAT Intracom/VAT Intracom of my shop For info, the structure of the VAT numbers must be as following: Germany DE + 9 numeric characters Austria AT + 9 numeric and alphanumeric characters Belgium BE + 9 numeric characters Denmark DK + 8 numeric characters Spain ES + 9 characters Finland FI + 8 numeric characters France FR + 2 figures (informatic key) + N° SIREN (9 figures) United-Kingdom GB + 9 numeric characters Greece EL + 9 numeric characters Irlande IE + 8 numeric and alphabetic characters Italy IT + 11 numeric characters Luxembourg LU + 8 numeric characters Netherlands NL + 12 alphanumeric characters, one of them a letter Portugal PT + 9 numeric characters Sweden SE + 12 numeric characters