****************************** Contact alert mod for OsC 2.2 MS2 ****************************** If you have some problem with alot of pending orders and the priority in witch they should be handeled, then this is the contribution for you. After installation you will se an image indicating when the order was last updated to a new status, or with new information for the customer. You can set the amount of days before the alerts, and the alert is set for two steps. Default is 3 days, and 5 days. See screendump at "http://www.sweclimb.se/interakt/contact_alert_mod_preview.gif" for a graphic view. This can help you alot in hectic times with alot of pending orders. It did the trick for me. :) Zipper Feedback to: zipper@smartsite.nu Support thread at: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=160263