This contribution is to help with page loading times, and with DB queries. Every time a page loads osCommerce, PHP pulls every row from the configuration table in the database. That's over 170 rows every time, every page load. I decided to be daring, I am sure against osc developers wishes, but I think this is worth mentioning. PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HOW TO HANDLE FILE PERMISSIONS AND REMEMBER TO BACKUP FIRST!!! How it works: Every time someone edits a configuration from the configuration box in admin and hits "save" or "submit", the script writes a php file in the folder of your choice (preferably outside the www root) with all the configs from the database. Then, when each page loads, it calls all these configs as an include file, already pulled from the database, instead of querying the database each time and performing the function. I noticed improvement in page load times. Here are some page parse times: before this change: 08/02/2004 01:55:25 - /index.php?cPath=13 (0.198s) after the change: 08/02/2004 01:56:14 - /index.php?cPath=13 (0.092s)