This is a full site package with some ammendments which may be useful for others to use. Sorry, in the need to get it done for the client, I couldn't always keep to the programming style guide. The site uses the simple tempate system from another contribution ( great contribution which I suggest everyone should use ! ) Firstly, the site features JS Drop menus, ( Fireworks Type ) which are dynamically generated by the categories in the system. The second feature this package has is stock levels on every option combination available ( this feature is dependent entirely on Javascript ). This is very important for selling clothing, as if you have run out of medium size in blue then it is no good selling them a large green one ! This feature was coded in a bit of a hurry, but does work. Someone may want to rewrite this feature in proper OSC PHP, as I am not a big fan of "tep_" as you will see ! I am giving the complete site, because it would be to much work to try extract it as a module. Again, a good project for someone else ! The live version of this site is if you want to see how the drops and the stock level thing works. Please resepect that this is a live site, so only buy if need ! PS - had to remove all images and extra modules to get it under 300K