Actual Attribute Price V1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is designed for those of us who would rather use a product attributes actual price rather than use a calculator to figure out the option price. Example: -------- Tire A Price: $84.99 Options: Size 1 Size 2 ($89.99) Size 3 ($95.99) Size 4 ($109.99) Versus ------- Tire B Price: $84.99 Options: Size 1 Size 2 ($5.00) Size 3 ($11.00) Size 4 ($25.00) As you can plainly see, it is much easier for a customer to figure out the cost of Tire A Size 4 than it would be for Tire B Size 4. Installation: ------------- 1. Copy my updated code from: includes/classes/shopping_cart.php Includes/functions/general.php (code is marked by "AAP V1.0") 2. Your are done! Now wasn't that easy? Using AAP: ---------- It's very simple. When creating a product attribute, leave the price prefix empty and insert the price you want to sell the product for with that attribute. (i.e. Tire A Size 4) I hope you find this usefull, I know I did.