Custom Product Builder 2.3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

TENCENTS et. al. programmed the original Custom Product Builder. It's awesome! Thank you TENCENTS!!! You can find the original here I converted the original Custom Product Builder from 2.2 to OSC 2.3. The documentation was shamelessly copied and modified for 2.3. I included the original 2.2 files too for comparison if needed. Everything seems to be working well... However, note that I am not a professional programmer. If you find a mistake please feel free to update this addon. Thank you in advance! *****Original CPB 2.2 Description***** With this addon you can give your customers the freedom to 'build' their own products, online. The Custom Product Builder allows you to allocate products from your osCommerce catalog to be used as components in a pre-assembled single product. The single product is actually created in your catalog and so becomes a real product. The components themselves already exist on your website, which the builder simply attaches to the custom product as attributes. Pretty simple and automatic. Support pages can be found at: