Recently Viewed Products(sales optimized) Allows your customers to see what products they have recently viewed and then easily allows them to order those products. In an infobox placed in either the right or left column a list of products viewed is displayed. Your customer can then either click on the name of the product or click the "See More" button for the page of recently viewed products. All the products on this page have a buy now button. please check out the screen shot. This is a very effective sales tool that minimizes clicks, making it is easy for a customer to purchase items they have recently viewed. The object in retailing is to increase sales. With this goal in mind, this contribution makes it easier for customers to buy these products. The Recently Viewed (sales optimized) forum: All this is without slowing down the product info page (as no extra database queries are required there). Screenshot included! Keywords: product history, viewing history, browsing history