zipcode shipping/delivery

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

ZIPSHIP osCommerce shipping/delivery module 3/1/06 by mark enriquez This module allows you to set a shipping/delivery fee depending upon the ship-to zipcode in the order. It mimics the current zones.php module in that you can set up multiple zipcode "zones", each with its own array of charges defined by weight. This module automatically looks up the zipcode in the order and simply displays the amount in the checkout_shipping page. It does not currently list the fees; it only displays to the buyer what the fee will be. Perhaps this will be modified in the future to allow a page that displays all the possible delivery fees. MODULE INTEGRATES INTO 2.2 WITHOUT ANY EXISTING CODE MODIFICATIONS. Thanks to everyone involved in this project...any contribution that I make is only possible because I am standing on the shoulders of the giants who have created this fantastic OS cart. Please, consider giving back to the project through the various channels!! - mark