Add This Contribution for osCommerce - Over 50 social networks and bookmark destinations See that in action here : This file created by jpf though much credit goes to bopper for much of it. Thanks to Andyy for the corrections. Includes his Status Active and Inactive fix. One of the easiest contribution to install. ------------ INSTALLATION ------------ 1) Just copy the files under the folder catalog to your oscommerce root. 2) In includes/filenames.php add this line at the end of page /*BOF Add This Contribution*/ define('FILENAME_ADD_THIS','AddThis.php'); /*EOF Add This Contribution*/ 3) On any page where you would like to add this contribution, just paste the following lines /*BOF Add This Contribution*/ include (DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_ADD_THIS); /*EOF Add This Contribution*/ 4) Thats It. Sit back and enjoy. Thanks contributed by