Zones Intenational Default

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What it does this is a modified version of shipping zones.php that includes 3 default zones but the most intrerrest is that you don't have to set country for the last third zone (or more), the last zone will automatically default to all others unlisted country 1 : FR can be changed for your country 2 : AT,BE,GB,DE,GL,IS,IE,IT,NO,NL,DK,PL,ES,SE,CH,FI,PT,IL,GR that are other European country except FR defined in zone 1 3 : All Other World Country not defined. If you want, you can still define more zone, but keep in mind that this is the lastest zone that will be used for country not listed this is working for lastest snapshot. define fees for each zones. set order capabilities.