Partners 1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This will add a rotating Partners box to your site. It is based on osaffiliates 1.0 I just changed code in affiliates.php to make heading match and changed location of banners to make it more organized. hope you like it. feel fre to email me about banner exchange Frogman Step duh - BACKUP!!! Step 1 - install the following file in it's appropriate location. catalog/includes/boxes/affiliates.php Step 2 - Open the file located in (catalog/includes/headeraddon.txt). Where you see the following code indicate the number of banners you will be using (be sure to adjust this as you add more). // Indicate how many banner ads there are. var amount=1; Step 3 - (same file) Where you see // Place your banner information here. Start at index number 0. image[0]=""; link[0]=""; info[0]="America's Gift Company"; target[0]="_blank"; Example In Said File Step 4 - Copy the entire code in that file and add it to the VERY END of catalog/includes/header.php that's after closing ?> this is already done for example Step 5 - Go to catalog/includes/column_left.php (or right) - add the following code where you want your new box to appear require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'affiliates.php'); Step 6 Upload 80X90 pixel max banners to /catalog/images/banners/ Step 7 - Check out your site and see your nice new pretty affiliates box. **** BY THE WAY*** The banners mentioned in code are from my friends and family if you choose to use them send me an email and I will send images