Custom META Tags per Item

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Custom META Tags per Item v1.0 This contribution allows you to set which META Tags & page TITLE are displayed on a per-product, per-category, and per-subCategory basis. This is an important step towards SEO! The following custom fields are stored in the database for each product, category, & subcategory: META Keywords META Description TITLE (i.e. <TITLE></TITLE>) This can be used to set default META Tags & page TITLE for your entire OSC store. If a product or category doesn't have an entry for any of the 3 custom fields, it will display the default for those fields. All entries are controlled using the admin console. Multi-language is supported for the product tags. Extra fields are added to the database to hold the custom fields, so this contribution should be very benign in it's interaction with other contributions. I heavily modified & extended Daniel Richards original 'custom meta tags' contribution to include extra fields, multi-language capabilities, and extra functionality. This contribution has been tested with Ultimate SEO URLs. There are 3 Methods of installation: 1) Quick & Easy: Run a SQL script & upload all files in 'upload' folder: This assumes that the included files have NOT been modified on your website. This is perfect for a virgin install and/or for a quick test. 2) Quick: Run a SQL script, upload admin/categories.php, easy copy-paste modifications on 5 files: Perfect for modified stores w/ no changes to admin/categories.php. Upload the categories.php in same folder as Installation.html - this is the exact same file as admin/categories.php in the upload folder. 3) Pretty Easy Install: Run a SQL script, easy copy-paste modifications on 5 files, 1 detailed copy-paste file: If you have modified the original admin/categories.php this install method is for you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FILE - IT'S ONLY A PLACEHOLDER! DOWNLOAD THE NEXT ONE FOR THE FULL INSTALL & INSTRUCTIONS!