From time to time I needed the ability to "turn-off" a products image or sometimes would need to permanty delete the image from the server. I had to open Phpmyadmin (or other Database Editor) and delete the products_image referance for that product, and use either FTP or FILE Browser to delete the old image.. Bah to much work!! SO: This Contribution adds two new Image options to the Admin Section: * Remove a Products Image from a Product when editing. * Delete the Image Permanatly of the server (Image will NOT be deleted! If more then 1 product uses the same Image) * Shows a Thumbnail Image of Product when editing. All done by "Edit Product" Package includes a Screen Shot Image of what contribution will look like when installed, only 2 files modified - simple install. Original Idea from this topic, thanks to those who posted code snippets. Created on MS2 2.2.