JcM CKEditor V1.3 Phoenix

for osCommerce Online Merchant vPhoenix 1.0

A simple add-on to let you place a WYSIWYG HTML editor onto your site’s admin. CKEditor 4 Proven, enterprise-grade WYSIWYG HTML editor with wide browser compatibility, including legacy browsers. • Paste from Word and Excel, spell check, accessibility checker, tables. • Autocomplete, @mentions, widgets, code snippets, emoji 😊 plugins. • Full control over content: HTML filtering, view source mode. • Great accessibility: WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 compliant. • Long-term support (LTS) until 2023. For Phoenix simply copy new files into the required places and your done. You can if you like do it the old fashion way as in the frozen method below. For frozen it’s a simple edit of one template file, open :- public_html/admin/includes/template_bottom.php and just before the </body> add this code, <script src="https://cdn.ckeditor.com/4.12.1/standard/ckeditor.js"></script> <script> CKEDITOR.replace( "products_description[1]" ); CKEDITOR.replace( "manufacturers_description[1]" ); CKEDITOR.replace( "categories_description[1]" ); </script> That’s it your done. If you go to admin and edit a product you will see the WYSIWYG HTML editor on the product description box. This is just a simple application of the editor you can expand it as much as you like. It has been tested on Phoenix only. It should however work on other versions and frozen Enjoy.