This is the long awaited 2checkout INS payment module. It works almost the same way as the Paypal IPN module. When a customer selects this option on checkout_payment.php - the order is saved instantly in the database and listed in /admin/orders.php, no stock is updated. When the customer completes the payment, 2checkout sends a notification to the store that it was completed and the order status change accordingly, stock is then updated (even if the customer didn't return back to the site). When 2CO fraud review is completed, a notification of the result will be sent to the store and the order status will change automatically according to the result received. When a refund is made, a notification will be sent to the store and the order status will change automatically. ***Important*** I personally have QTpro installed in my shop so the stock update loop contains QTpro code. If you don't have it installed, please do not use this contribution until someone will update it to use the standard osC stock update routine instead (I will do it myself if I will find some free time to install and test it on a standard osC shop). Contribution has been thoroughly tested and works perfectly in my MS2.2 RC2a shop (with QT pro). Please read the Readme.txt file thoroughly and carefully follow all the installation steps. Always remember to BACKUP your files and database before installing any contributions!