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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Modified to work with Oscommerce osC 2.3.x / no IE compatibility view error. Whats different? I removed various bits of code and some files but mostly the javascript code from the includes/modules/matc.php as it is now useless in osC 2.3.x. The reason I did the above also was because the javascript code would not work in some internet explorer versions, for example in Internet Explorer 9, if you hit compatibility mode, pressing confirm order did not work so the user is unable to checkout, not good!! NOTE: Installation is only for checkout only, not create account as this is unneeded, let's face it, the customer must accept on the checkout which is the best place, I find it a bit over the top to also have this on create account so the sql file has been modified too to reflect this change. Thanks to the original authors for this addon, I have just simplified it to a working state for osC 2.3.x Testing with Internet Explorer 9 with and without compatibility mode turned on, Firefox 7.01, Google Chrome 15.0.874.106 m and Safari.