moneris for 2.3.x.x V1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Adapted by greasemonkey December 4, 2013 to work with OsCommerce 2.3.x.x Orginal 2.2 addon (original docs also contained within) can be found here; Support thread can be found here; Version; 1.0 This modification will allow the user to accept credit cards with their Moneris eSelect Plus account and OsCommerce versions 2.3.x.x and higher. Required; 1. A web server with an SSL certificate with 2048bit SSL encryption 2. osCommerce version 2.3.x.x software with SSL enabled. 3. MySQL Server Version 3 or higher. 4. OpenSSL 4, cURL - PHP interface - this can be downloaded from 5. Moneris eSelect Plus account