Attribute Sets Plus

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Attribute Sets Plus for osCommerce 2.2 MS2 ================================= Purpose of this Contribution -------------------------------- This contribution builds on the original Attributesets contribution. It provides the ability to add a set of predefined 'attributes' (herafter known as an Attribute Set) to a product. Attributes Sets Plus irons out the creases of the excellent original contribution for a smoother operation. CHANGES ----------- (commercial info removed) has provided the following imements: - This contribution is now register_globals OFF ready - Ability to add multiple attribute sets to a single product at a time. - The engine now uses database structures instead of arrays. - A number of bugs were ironed out - The processes alterred to allow for legacy products AND legacy attributes to co-exist with new attributes sets - The deletes now make mor logical sense and work correctly - No core osC tables are alterred - custom tables are used instead - Less chance of conflict with other contributions (so I am told) - The install is clear and well commented to help spot editting errors See the install file for more information. Support Thread is here: Note: As far as I can see this contribution includes at least everything up to attribute sets 5.5, although it is not the same code and did not follow the same development path.