for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

WHAT WILL IT DO? This GiftWrap Module Addon will provide the option of adding GiftWrap to the Order during the Checkout Process. <- osCAdmin -> This Addon contains... 1 new Order Total Module - ot_giftwrap.php 2 new GiftWrap Modules - giftwrap.php and nogiftwrap.php 1 new Class file - Gift.php All of which are controlled via osCAdmin under Modules. You will see that a new GiftWrap Option will appear in osCAdmin under Modules and a new GiftWrap selection in Modules -> Order Totals. Each of these new Modules needs to be activated to work correctly! Make sure you adjust your Order Total Sort Options to display your Order Total options in the right order. <- Checkout -> A new box is created on the Checkout Shipping Page asking... "Would like to GiftWrap your Order?" There are two options, GiftWrap or No GiftWrap. Each with an associated cost configured in osCAdmin. The GiftWrap amount is applied to the Order and appears on the Checkout Confirmation Page, both in the Shipping Summary and in the Order Totals. This same information will be included on the Customers Order Invoice and Packing Slip. If you find any bugs or errors, please email me.