Menu Tabs V1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is a series of contribution. Originally I intended this contribution to allow you to move things that are now in boxes to a top tab menu. Once this is done you can edit collumn_left.php and collumn_right.php and remove the boxes if you choose. This is designed to be used as a tool to reduce the clutter on your pages. It is also designed to be used with category tabs as I redesigned it. It uses 3 images for a normal tab and 3 images for the tab of the page you are on. I had to modify the Category Tags contribution so all tabs look the same. Features version 1.0: Current page is indicated by a different color text label and alternate tab. Use language system of OSC. Mouse over: move your mouse over the tab and the text will change colors. Netscape 4.x this is not working. Can turn on and off tabs in admin. Can add and edit tabs in admin Has a number of tabs pre loaded with translations (note: admin labels currently only English) single row or multiple rows of menu tabs. can assign buttons to row of choice. change order of tabs. category tabs and menu tabs use same images, if you use category tabs included. It appears to work with IE 5.0 and higher , Netscape 4.7x, 6.0 and higher, Mozilla 1.0 and higher. In Mozilla there is a slight rendering error on the bottom side of the tabs. I am trying to package four version of this contribution a. OSC cvs 2.2 since November although it may work with earlier. b. With Linda McGraths Quantity controller and a replacement for category tabs. c. Ferhat Kurt's thema, this includes a modified version of Categories tabs, and both category and menu tabs to match the 5 thema that are included with thema, along with a sixth theme. this version also includes a box for the catalog to change theme. d. Paul Langford's theme contribution. Just started working on.