This mod for 2.2 CVS. Current as of July 2004. It's a modified version of Lloyd Swadling's Toll courier rates. This mod is now for TNT Australia. Changes as follows: 1. Rewritten the entire postcode files to include all current postcodes AND changed all zones to TNT zones 2. Added in an initial consignment charge depending upon what zone goods are being sent to. 3. Changed shipping charge calculation to the following: total shipping = {[x * (y - 15) + z]*1.10 * a}+ b where: x= charge per kilo over 15kg (changed in sql table) y= total weight (I have deducted 15 kg from this because weight charge is only over 15kg) (total weight derived from product listing) z= consignment charge (changed in sql table) a= surchage factor (default 1.1) b= handling fee (changed in oscommerce admin) and the 1.10 bit is for GST You don't need to download any other versions, this version will work by itself. BUGS: 2. The only big bug I have is in the php file in catalogincludesmodulesshipping. On line 90 I have the equation to calculate the final shipping cost. However if the product weight is LESS than 15kg, you will receive an incorrect shipping calculation (try it yourself in the equation above). Unfortunately my programming skills aren't very good at all so if anyone knows the correct syntax for an IF statement would you be able to help out please? Basically to say the following: IF product weight (y) is LESS than 15 then perform following equation: {[z]*1.10 * a}+ b IF product weight is 15 kg or MORE then perform following equation: {[x * (y - 15) + z]*1.10 * a}+ b