Lead Form by NotifyVisitors

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

* Modal Pop-up : A subscription form in modal pop up with a dark background. High conversion rate when used with NotifyVisitors exit intent technology * Slider Pop-up : Show slider subscription form when a user scrolls through your page. High conversion rate when a pop up has shown to the user after a user scrolls your website * Top bar : A floating top and bottom bars to show subscription form on a website all the time without disturbing users * Exit Intent Technology : Show subscription form when user intent to leave your website. Get high conversion rate with exit intent targeting rules. Modal popup subscription form works great with exit-intent * Scroll Percentage : Show subscription form when a user starts scrolling your webpage. Show pop up instantly when users scroll certain percentage of page height * Time Based Targeting : Show subscription form based on time like time delay on a webpage, time of day, More targeting rules use page URLs, geolocation, referrer source, cookies and custom rules to show subscription form * Technology-Based Targeting : Show subscription form based on time like Device (Desktop, mobile, tablet), Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari), Operating System (Windows, Linux, Apple IOS)