This payment brought to you from ScreenShots are also included in the zip file as well so you can see the before and the after. This contribution also uses the already default CREDIT CARD payment module installed with OsCommerce. This payment module allows you to accept and store credit card numbers. Our contribution works in conjunction with this. This payment module allows you to process your credit card orders through PROPAY on the backend without needing to PAY propay their $400 First Year fee and the $200 a year fee after that. There have been alot of requests online for a PROPAY SOLUTION and we did one just a little bit better. Not only does our solution process cards automatically through propay, but we do it with out the need to pay propay for their API access. CURL is used so it is 100% suggested that you use an SSL for this contribution. We have installed this on a heavily modded site and we have also installed this on the stock out of the box install as well and have the same successful results.