Pull down UK county list

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Pull down UK county list OS commerce provides no data for UK counties (on version 2.2rc1 at least.) I provide here an SQL adding UK counties (Enland, Wales, Scotland & Northern Island) There may be some counties missing as they keep changing. By default OSC wont provide a drop down, waiting for client to put in their country, I don`t like that approach so: I provide a mod to display the counties of the store country, if they exist, on the blank form. I found that OSC would display county codes rather than names, this may be fine for the US but not in the UK, I`ve included a Workaround, there may be a better way if someone knows OSC better. I also include a simple mod I found to ensure country is pre-selected to the store country. After starting this I found there is already a mod for counties, but this is US based and seems rather OTT, I think UK users will find this quite sufficient. Before you start: BACKUP . BACKUP . BACKUP Files Moded catalog/create_account.php catalog/includes/modules/address_book_details.php catalog/includes/modules/checkout_new_address.php catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php catalog/includes/functions/general.php