More Product Weight v1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What does it do? Many shop owners (including myself) always wanted more product weight options. Imagine your shipping module working in kgs but you have articles that weigh only several grammes. OsC would only allow weights like ±999.99, so we only had a granularity of 10g (if using kg as the base mass unit). Imagine the case where you sell intangible goods like eBooks, either to be downloaded or ordered on CD. Giving that you were not setting up duplicate articles, you were quite busted: Either you set up the article with a weight (which would stop free shipping modules based on zero cart weight from working), or you set them up with zero weight (which would mean no shipping cost even if you have to send them a CD). Then again, you might be selling sweets that might be available as ¼ lb and ½ lb boxes, maybe the larger one for just £0,50 extra. You could set up two articles… for each of your 327 existing varieties… or use one each, with options for additional weight and price, if only osC would have something like an extra weight attribute. Hm. You MIGHT even have tried to switch on the ‘Display Product Weight’ option in osC’s Admin Panel. And find that it allows category listings with a weight field added. But NO WEIGHT SHOWN on the main product info page! Too bad. Well, not anymore. This contribution is exactly for YOU! It handles all these cases. Let me show you how... <a href="" target="_blank">Here is the full README</a>. Check it out.