Custom PC Creator 2.0 BETA

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Custom PC Creator 2.0 is an update to Custom PC Creator by kjun and is intended to resolve some lingering problems with the previous version and update the code to OSC2.2MS2. Custom PC Creator allows your customers to create customized computers and add them to their shopping cart using products within the various categories that you choose from your store. New Features: 1. The code will now work with OSC2.2ms2 as a drop-in without need for additional rewrite. 2. Since taxes vary so substantially from state to state, country to country this contribution will no longer calculate taxes, they are instead left to the checkout process. 3. Items disabled in the catalog section of the admin(red light instead of green light) will no longer be displayed in the drop down menus. 4. Drop down menu order is now controlled by the ccc_id field for each category, so you now have control(sorry not in the admin). 5. I hope the install instruction are easier now since they are combined into one(this) file. This contribution is beta status as it has not been fully tested, it is however in my environment fully functional. See for a live example.