Sloppy Words Cleaner

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What does this contrib do? Like the title says... cleans up the sloppy inputted words by customers on their registration, edit account etc. I also added a all lowercase for the email strings. explain sloppy input? OK, new customer creates a new account as: JOHN DoEskY 123 noWHERe ave. canton, NY 12345 email: this will be cleaned (and stored in your db) and displayed on all invoices/screen info-text as: John Doesky 123 Nowhere Ave. Canton, NY 12345 email: I also added exception words (you can add or remove these exception words to your liking!) i.e. "PO" for PO Box 1234 (allowing a capital "O" after the capital "P") "IV" for John Doe IV (instead of John Doe Iv) "RR 2" for Rural Route 2 (instead of Rr 2) ------------------------------------------ So unlike a simple ucfirst() command which just changes the 1st letter but leaves the rest of the line alone, this code will capitalize the 1st letter of every word and of course leaves out the words you input in the exception fields! (note: there is two fields, lower case and upper case exceptions). ------------------------------------------