JcM Gallery X-Zoom Multi CE BS4/3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

JcM Gallery X-Cloud Zoom Multi. V1.0 Uses the x-zoom js script. A simple add-on to let you add a zoom gallery which, 1) Allows zoom based on a small image and a large image (make the large a good quality image min 800 x800 px). 2) Dynamically adds caption displaying product name on the zoom image It is intended for those products which benefit from a good quality image which people will prefer to take a close look at. It is designed to be used in addition to stock gallery and so will only show on products if a zoom image has been set up for the product. You can have up to 4 images per product and will need to have 2 sizes of image for each. Must be jpg. The small should 400x400px The large should be minimum 800x800px and as good a quality as you can get. The images need to be named using he $products_model with the suffix _l1 and _s1 applied accordingly. So if we have a product with model number “Galaxy Tab S3” we will have two images named Galaxy Tab S3_l1 Galaxy Tab S3_s1 The images need to be placed in the following directory's. images/x_zoom_thumbnail_large/ images/x_zoom_thumbnail_small/ Sample images are provided in the relevant directory's so you can just copy over. You can make changes in admin to styling and size/position of image caption. Again totally standalone with no core code change or data base updates. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install. Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3 only. That’s it enjoy!