Match Categories in Search Results for osCommerce versions 2.3.x - v1 (screen shots included in package) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This new addon is built on "Display matching categories in search results V1.4" for osCommerce version 2.2, but has been completely re-written for osCommerce 2.3.x The original version can be found here,22 All credit to the original Author. This new addon is for a new install only. There is no upgrade path from the previous version "Display matching categories in search results", which was designed for osCommerce version 2.2 This new addon has been designed and tested for installation on osCommerce versions 2.3.1 to 2.3.4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This addon will display matching category names in search results. Category results are displayed above product results (unless "search categories only" is chosen, either by the user in "advanced search" or by admin in settings, in which case no products will be searched). The category tree is displayed up-to and including the matching category, with the matching category bolded. The tree gives the customer an indication of which main category the resulting category is in. This will benefit in cases where there are similar category names but in different category trees. All category names are clickable, redirecting you to the selected catagory. The categories box "category tree" will be expanded similar to when a category is selected from the categories box itself. This addon is compatible with "Hidden Categories" addons and "Categories Description" addons, as long as "categories_status" is used in the categories table and "categories_description" is used in the categories_description table respectively. If "categories_status" or "categories_description" are not used, and you intend to enable the related options, then you will need to change all occurences of these in "catalogcategory_search_result.php" (from the package) to match what your tables contain. The related options can be enabled/disabled in admin depending on whether or not you have these addons installed and/or you have a preference. "Admin settings" for this addon can be found in "Administration -> Configuration -> Categories search" after installation is complete. OPTIONS INCLUDE: Activate Match Categories in Search Results Force search category names only Allow users to choose Don't show empty categories Don't show hidden categories Show categories description Search in categories description Show final sub-category results only ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 new files 2 existing osCommerce files to be replaced (or modified) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions included in package. Report problems or leave comments on the forum support thread located at the link below (any feedback is welcome):