Contribution Tracker v1.8.0 for osCommerce v2.3.x Contribution Features: + Keep track of contributions and non-contribution related update you have made to your shop on the site. + Track Version Number, Contribution's Addon Page, Support Thread, Date Installed, Date of Contribution Version, The Latest Update Date, and your notes about the contribution. + Each entered contribution links to contribution page and support page. + Link entry fields are not limited to osC contributions. Non-contribution entries (such as Patched Exploits) may save links to bug report, github patches, or any information link. + Quick add field. Enter the contribution number in the field and Contribution Tracker will retrieve most of the info from the osCommerce Addons site automatically for you. + Full edit page to fine tune details. Includes a field for you to enter notes about the installation. + Buttons to automatically update the contribution's latest update date per contribution, or all at the same time. + Automatically update the status of contributions entered in the tracker using a PHP cron script with optional emailed report. + RSS feed displays the last 15 uploads from at the bottom of the Contrib Tracker main page. + Automatic database setup utility. Updates in this version: After working with it for a while, I found some changes and conveniences that made sense to me and my clients including some input database handling rewrites for safety and security. Hope everyone likes this update. See the changelog for full details. Some update highlights: + fulfilled the wish list item of a more friendly date display. + Added support for retrieving support topic IDs from the new style forum links + You may now simply enter a topic ID into the support link field and the code will build the full link. + added optional date columns to the main page list display. Simply check the box of the date you want to show (and/or sort by), and voila! + added &view=getlastpost to the support links to save some time by jumping to the end of the support topics + added #tabs-hist to contribution link to jump directly to the list of contributions on its page. + added osCommerce v2.3.x's date picker to date input fields. Support thread: this is a full package for osCommerce v2.3.x Contribution Tracker v1.8.0 for osCommerce v2.2ms2 can be found here: