Basic Design Pack

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Basic design pack 1.0 This is not a real contribution as such...its just an easy to use short-cut to make your own osc design. Included in this pack is: - Fixed width with css by Devhype and Rhea Anthony - Remove default images David Allen What will this pack do? 1. It will center your shop and give you the possibilety to set outside background color in the stylesheet. 2. It will remove the default oscommerce cartoonish icons 3. It removes the rounded infobox corners and replaces them with square transparent ones, so you can change the colors in the styleaheet. 4. It removes the osCommerce banner in the footer 5. It will make it easy to have 1 top graphic logo filling the whole header width. Thats it..... How to use....Just drop over a defaut oscommerce shop.....and you are finished... If you have any questions, well i am at the forum as wishes Toyicebear This contribution is ofcourse GNU, and used at your own risk..and so on..... ;-)