P& G Shipping Module + Manual Entry V0.3 Modifications made to v0.3 -> fix to javascript Help call -> fix to templates spg_print_invoice. (was showing id instead of name for payment method, shipping method. -> fix to template packing list (was showing amounts for attributes) Rewrote install.txt to make installation in 10 easy steps. (reinstalled on a fresh snapshot to reverify all variables and tables defined) let us know your feedbacks New module P&G Shipping Module + Manual Entry V0.3 was posted under contribution/features we describe again functionalities of the module Functionalities: ---------------- This module does NOT modify in any way the original order data. All new info entered during the processing of an order is saved in new tables. This allow to keep a perfect audit trail. This module allows the following -> Admin side ------------- A. Manage processing of orders placed directly through oscommerce B. Allows to enter Phone order or orders coming from other sources( fax, mail ,auctions....) through ADMIN login This modified login allows an administrator to create an account and enter manual order for the account of a client. (no emails ar sent during the manual entry.) When all infos are entered, the admin can send an email to the client with all data info and login info to access his account. C. Allows administrator to login with an ADMIN login under any client email (convenient for some of orders: Paypal is a good example where client would not press the return to catalog button on paypal site. the result is that the client paid Paypal but items stay in shopping cart instead of being proceesed as a confirmed order) D. Payment Info : Administrator can enter payment ref, payment date, check number..... E. Auction Info : if you place as well auctions on ebay or other, allows you to create an order in catalog and enter as well auction number auction end date.... gives possiblity to send order status to person who won the auction: advantage is that you make the winner aware of your catalog You ask him to login in the catalog part to see his auction status and tracking number. Thus he may come back directly to your site the next time. Automated direct link to auction page on major auction sites. you can add any auction site where you place auction through an admin page. F. Tracking number Info: Entry of shipping date, tracking number, direct link to shipper site to track package. G. Entry of qty shipped vs qty ordered. This allows to keep track of all back ordered items through a report and classify the order as "Partial Shipment" status. you can review the items and qunatities you still neded to ship. H. Allows to send an email when package is sent with all infos above: in particular shipping date, carrier and direct link to track order on shipper site. email date and time recorded and shown. I. New templates of invoice and packing list with above information. Company address, "Thank you Note" at bottom of printed invoice or email sent can be modified through admin. extra comment field for auctions can be managed through admin for specific feedback or comments. J. All the validations tables records can be modified through admin interface screens. K. 2 new comments fields were added : one for shipping, one for billing. both can be seen by client through the catalog side. A third comment field for shipping dept was added for private comments . not shown to client. NOTE: we created new validation tables for payment methods, shipping carriers specific to the shipping modules.... the tables are NOT linked to the actual shipping and payment modules. The reason for that is the flexibility. Even though you would not accept for online orders a particular payment method (like western union Bidpay for example) you can use it for manual entry of orders. -> Catalog side --------------- A. Client can login to his account and see online all infos entered in the admin (Payment Info, Shipping Date, Tracking Number, auction info if auction.....) B. Client can print the invoice template under order details.