MVS for v2.3.4 BS EDGE

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Multi-Vendor Shipping v2.3.4 BS Edge (v1.4) First of all, I want to say that this addon MUST BE integrated as a standard part of every single osCommerce base-level software release, ..but it’s not. Absolutely NO EXCUSE for that! This release is ONLY for osC v2.3.4 BS EDGE. If you do not have BS Edge, refer to the other addon at: Why is this Contribution posted separately? 1) I spent a lot of time on this addon and it is different from the prior base package 2) It does not work with other osCommerce versions 3) The other addon says that it is for osC version 2.2, which is a decade old. It's time to refresh this awesome contribution! Big Thanks to Bill (osC member: phi148) and John Ferguson (osC member: BrockleyJohn) for all their help on this updated release. This contribution integrates two other shipping module addons for USPS and FedEx Web Services. For all details including instructions, please read the BS EDGE V1.4 INSTALLATION - README FIRST.docx file. For details on the changes made to this version, please read the change-log.txt file. Database changes New files to upload Code changes to existing files Instructions and screenshots This is a Full Package