Products Image Verify

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Product Image Verify will allow the administrator to verify which products in thier online oscommerce catalog that do not have images added and will also let you know which products have images added but for some reason the the product image can not be found on the server. Product Image Verify also has a built in automatic caching system which is useful for those catalogs that have hundreds to thousands of products. This contribution was written because of our own needs. We would do an update with a data feed and when we would use easy populate. So you had to go through the catalog 1 product at a time to find your missing images. This contribution will save you all that time because it does the work for you with 1 click. We even added the capability to delete a product completely and also to beable to edit the product as well from within our contribution. We are planning on updating this contribution to add one more feature which instead of being forwarded to the product page to edit, that we will add the image update box so that way you can upload the image without even having to leave the Product Image Verify Page. We feel that we wrote this contribution to the full standards of oscommervce utilizing language files, built in oscommerce functions, etc. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to visit and we will be able to help you out any way shape or form.