***Screen Shots in the Screenshots Folder*** ** Multi Language ready ** Intelligent automatic scripting ** Reports on who has set a stock Alert ** Emails customer and store owner ** Wording is easily changed by editing language files ** Easily ports to other languges by translating the language files. ** Form checking for the email field This add on will recognise when an item is out of stock and provide a link for users to click, a pop up box will appear as a form to enter their email and name, then when item is returned to stock it will auto email the customer(s) who have subscribed to be alerted. When an alert is set by the customer it will send an email confirmation, it will auto detect if HTML is enabled and if it is will add a link for the item in the email. This add on will also send an email to the store owner to notfiy them of the alert. Once the return to stock has been made just after the email is sent the customers will be deleted from the notification system. In admin there is a stats page where you can see who has asked to be notified, and links so you can directly email them.